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This project is to find the shapes to create letterforms and typefaces with a sensuous and speculative manner that I found from the Unal house. I considered how to look into the peculiar structure of the house, its atmosphere and Joël Unal’s spirit and attitude. All conveys to the pocket book « La Maison Unal » in typography language.

The Unal house is uniquely made of white plaster “bubbles” and it was built in Southern France between 1973 and 2008. It is located in the heart of a forest. And it is made up of spherical, nested forms, almost like boules. Its designer, builder and inhabitant Joël Unal chose to reproduce organic forms, resembling mushrooms for his family house.

The letterforms have been created from the contrast between the structure of the Unal House and the geometrical surroundings of my room, where I spent a lot of time during lockdown. And I found that all has the skinny and plump shapes which are competed either combined each other. It ended up the main method of drawing on a half-folded paper and its generating design of letterforms have changed diversely by the direction of curves and straight lines. And the book contains the selected drawings and the specimen of Unal (Serif, Italic, Sans) typeface. 

The three Unal typefaces are used for the text as well. Unal is to transpose the physical presence and distinctive character of organic forms and calligraphy influenced typeface. In the text typefaces, I carefully considered to build own narrative by the characteristic serif and the contrast into junction as well as to create a harmonious, organic flow in the text.


Hereby I put the two videos as part of the installation of diploma exhibition:

The video 1

The video 2

Niveau du diplôme : Master

Site Internet : http://jinheekim.com