VirtualScuba. A new approach to scuba diving training.

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Scuba diving is not just a sport but embodies a real philosophy. Based on observations during the learning process, I realized that as long as notions are well explained with qualified instructors, during the first dives students get carried away by emotions and the context, causing probable situations of stress and frustration. This stress can affect and lead the soon-to-be diver to stop training. My thesis project wants to respond to this problem, which aims to improve the experience and the involvement of this activity. As a visual communicator, my goal is to find the right ways, tools, and languages to help the contemporary learner be able to learn in the best way. In this regard, I have structured a system, a new learning method with a more interactive and immersive approach.

One of the most fundamental and very enriching contributions was the collaboration with the ESA scuba diving agency, where various figures were able to support me and greatly appreciated the project. To create a product that perfectly suits the target audience’s needs, I’ve created and shared a survey where I received 700 responses. The survey allowed me to grasp new design ideas, which saw the development of 3 artifacts of the new learning path: the manual, cards, and virtual game-based training in virtual reality. The innovation and potential of the project lie in changing the use and the way of approaching competence and knowledge, maintaining a design and stylistic coherence between the various artifacts, all managed with a more interactive, playful approach and with the interconnection of various tools.

Niveau du diplôme : SUPSI - Bachelor in Comunicazione visiva

Site Internet : http://@ciouciass%20(instagram);;