Cercul de Foc (The Ring of Fire)

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I was born and raised close to one of the most infamous neighborhoods in Bucharest for crime, drugs, and poverty called “Ferentari”. Ferentari is the blueprint of racial segregation and discrimination between Romanians and Roma, and also the source of garbage-infested pictures that make noise in the media. My research links the reality of Ferentari and Bucharest through the lens of a larger air pollution phenomenon: pollution caused by poverty.

This film is a designer’s endeavor to investigate and look for interaction with others. By going back home to Romania I wanted to reconnect to a piece of my environment that makes me feel like a foreigner. I interviewed many people in my process, ranging from politicians going after the ones who burn to those directly involved, whose identity I had to conceal.

The documentary explores the visual, social, and political relationship between poverty, corruption, illegal garbage burnings, and waste imports into Romania. I set up to ignite a dialogue about the air we all breathe!

For the graduation exhibition, I created a space in which my documentary could be viewed and enjoyed by the audience, with chairs made of old car tires and real rolls of grass meant to recreate elements seen in the projected film.

Niveau du diplôme : Bachelor

Site Internet : https://anamariagusu.com/