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When a child is born the time in the family flies faster. Every day fills up with so many events: the first steps, family meetings, cuddles in the morning and so much more that we wish we could remember or to freeze up the time so it would never go away. But the child grows a little more every day and there’s no way to go back. Or is there?

What if we create a time machine by ourselves? Start collecting these precious photos and videos, record voice letters and send them to the future, so that the day your baby turns 18 y.o. the whole family will receive a voyage back in the time? A beautiful birthday tradition that we all would love to participate! Imagine receiving a birthday wish prepared years in advance by family members? Seeing in a perfect order the stages of kids growth? Getting a huge wave of love from the past and so many memories that you couldn’t recall.

This is a unique experience only you could create. Get your ticket, it’s time to board!

Let me introduce you to Memry.

Memry is a new birthday experience to rediscover your childhood through memories sent from the past. It’s a service that’s accessible from a mobile app or a website.

This experience is based on 5 steps:

1.You create a time capsule for your kid.

The capsule is a space that will be keeping your memries and deliver them safely through time.

2. Invite your family and friends.

So that they can also participate in creation of memory journey for the kid.

3. Send memries to the future.

Daily life, family gatherings, every «first» of the kid, stories you would want to remember… and so much more could be collected in your capsule forever. Each memry could be composed with photos/videos, voice letter and written letter.

4. Receive the Memry Capsule on the 18th birthday.

Using your guiding star number that your child will receive on the 18th birthday, embark on the most heartwarming adventure with your family! Voices from the past, stories that you have forgotten, photos in a perfect order will bring you back to the start.

5. Put together a Memry box.

Choose which memries you’d like to keep forever and get them printed into a precious book. The box comes as well with a Memry stick with all the voice letters and videos on it.

«When you gaze upon the stars, you’re looking at the past» is the main concept and slogan of Memry. That’s why when you send a memory to the future, it becomes a star on the capsule timeline.

This project is created out of nostalgia about my family and the fast passing childhoods of my brothers and sisters that live far away from me. Thank you for your time and let me know if you need any explanations in french!

Have a nice day,

Mary Em

Niveau du diplôme : Master 2

Site Internet :,%20@maryyeem